Focal Point: Frontline and Service Workers

The COVID pandemic exacerbated the exposure frontline workers face in terms of increased risks. But, as Gartner’s Business Quarterly Q1 2022 magazine, The Big Quit highlights, the issues are deeper and extend beyond the crisis. As the excerpt illustrates, the sheer number of the global workforce, 2.8 billion strong and the survey results of the various aspects of job satisfaction, there is significant room for improvement.

The article offers many suggestions and examples for organizations to focus on to address these concerns. As companies evaluate current practices as well as new and emerging technologies, adopting a ‘worker-centric approach’ can be applied not only to create new opportunities, but improve the overall experience – from worker safety and well-being to retention and growth.

How cutting edge digital tools in asset management and mobile puts the best resources in the hands of your workforce by eliminating the hours of manual paperwork and giving access to the most pertinent information at the right time.

Click here to learn more about how Focus Mobility can help you get in front of these issues to improve employee experiences and worker satisfaction, improve customer experience, and achieve up to 337% ROI on Virtual Agents and other AI-enabled solutions.

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