Navigating Forward: Innovation First

State of the Market for AI

$66.8 B

AI funding doubles
in 2021.

Global AI funding was up
108% YoY in 2021, led by
healthcare AI (18% of
total). The top 10 rounds
were dominated by
industry-agnostic data
science, AIOps, and
RPA solution providers.
Despite a QoQ slowdown
in deals, Q4’21 was the
third-biggest quarter ever
for deals and the second
biggest for funding

-CB Insights State of AI 2021

At Focus Mobility, we are dedicated to helping customers get started and achieve success through a proven methodology and by partnering with the best-in-class market leader, IBM Watson.

After interviewing four IBM customers on the success they’ve seen with AI in customer service. Forrester found that working with IBM, customers can realize $24 million in benefits over just 3 years, with a 337% ROI. Nearly every company has something to gain from the use of AI – cost reduction and enhanced innovation can transform customer experience.

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