Pandemic Navigation: Journey Towards a Re-imagined Future

 COVID 19 Crisis Calls for a Move to Digital:  As these authors point out, ‘traditional means have failed us’ when it came to our ability to predict and prevent the COVID crisis and the ensuing repercussions beyond healthcare and economic impact to more widespread and fundamental aspects of life as we know it. It has led to a reexamining of how we work with a greater emphasis on virtualization, analyzing systems of care, accessibility, delivery, and inter-connected supply chains in meeting the most urgent and critical needs of populations. It’s the turning point in which emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Augmented Intelligence, IoT, and Blockchain have taken center stage as current priorities as opposed to futurism. 

However, as businesses reopen and restrictions lift in the pubic sphere, it’s not without deeper concerns and why many agree it may have more lasting effects:

IBM Institute of Business Value issued a survey gathering global customer insights from 14,500 people on their perspectives of how the personal and economic impacts of COVID-19 are reshaping the way the world does business.

How COVID 19 Created a New Kind of Customer in Just 90 Days: 
With much of the media spotlight on death tolls, infection rates, business closures, and unemployment, this pandemic is overwhelming our mental health. A recent Accenture report underscores the extent of consumer anxiety:

People are thinking, feeling, and making decisions differently. 

  • 64 percent of consumers are fearful of their own health
  • 82 percent are fearful of the health of others
  • 64 percent are worried about the impact on their personal job security
  • 88 percent are worried about the impact on the economy

How do some experts in thought leadership reflect and advise on the Future of Business in a recent HBS article?  Some surprising attributes have emerged as topical points beyond traditional business vernacular on the human side in enabling this transition such as: honesty, helpfulness, collaborating and creativity, the promotion of ‘psychological safety’, and creating healthier environments, as well as taking stock in prioritization in moving forward.

So, while the opportunities may be shrouded in more stark realities facing many, there are also benefits that can be realized during a reset period: There is no better time than the present to skill-up to meet in-demand job requirements. 

The good news: Higher education institutions and employers agree: Coursera offers virtual courses in disciplines that are shaping the future in the most in-demand skills of  data science, healthcare, machine learning, programming, psychology, and more – all from leading colleges, universities, and employers committed to developing the solutions for a better tomorrow.

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Navigating the pandemic and positioning for continued success on the modernization journey:

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